What is Ārdēo Studios?

Ārdēo was founded in London in 2021 by Sammi Jefcoate with a desire to bring creativity back to the everyday ritual of getting dressed.

Ārdēo strives to create bold objects appreciated for their beauty, high quality craftsmanship and power to inspire. 

Challenging the end use of pieces and not being confined by stereotypes or the traditional way of wearing something, Ārdēo encourages self-expression, strength and spirit.

Ārdēo believes that through creativity without boundaries, we can inspire people to live bravely and true to themselves. 

Sammi Jefcoate

Sammi Jefcoate

Creative Director

Sammi’s career to date has focused on inspiring creativity and confidence in individuals and challenging stereotypes. Recognised for her personal style and fearlessness in fashion, Ārdēo was a natural evolution.

Sammi’s position as Creative Director at Ārdēo brings the insight, creativity and passion she has acquired from her community, and ensures the brand stays true to her vision.